Policy Positions


As a longstanding supporter of the ban on neonicotinoids, I welcomed the Government’s announcement that the UK will support such a ban within the EU. 

This change of policy was long overdue. Campaigners in Kensington and throughout the country had been calling for the UK to take a stand against environmentally damaging and bee-killing chemicals for years, and I am disappointed that it took so long for Michael Gove and the Tory government to follow evidence-based scientific policy which is supported by almost 80% of the country. This couldn’t have happened without the support you gave to the campaign by writing to MPs and Michael Gove. 

However, I remain greatly concerned about the government’s commitment to these principles in light of Brexit.  They recently voted against a ban on the herbicide Glyphosate, in spite of evidence for its carcinogenic effects on humans and environmental damage. Furthermore, the failure of the Government to commit to EU treaties continues to put the future of our environment under threat. 

I support evidence-based policy being applied consistently and I call on the government to uphold the environmental protections enshrined through EU law so that our natural biodiversity is maintained for the sake of future generations.