Policy Positions


The Conservative policy to freeze benefits since 2010 is a shameless cash grab from the less well-off to help fund their cuts for the rich.

I agree completely that the Government should immediately scrap this policy and begin raising benefits in line with the cost of living. As the cost of living has risen since 2010 while benefit rates have stayed the same more and more families and children have been pushed into poverty.

As the fifth richest country in the world we already pay relatively little in working-age benefits. If you are under 24 and have lost your job you can expect to receive £56.90 a week to live on. If you are unable to work because of illness or long-term disability you may only be entitled to £71.10 a week to live on. In 2019 this means living in poverty.

Many of us will need help when we lose our jobs or fall ill. We can afford to make sure that when that happens we are adequately supported.  That is why I will continue to campaign for an end to the benefit freeze.