The government’s plans to introduce voter ID are an attack on democracy and an obvious attempt to disenfranchise particular groups of voters. Voter fraud is almost non-existent in the UK and so the benefit of such proposals would similarly be almost non-existent. But the cost would undoubtedly be great. In elections where we have tested voter […]


The actions of papers like the S*n show that not enough is being done to prevent powerful media organisations from so-called ‘victim journalism’ – harassing individuals and invading their privacy. Following the phone-hacking scandal, the government caved in to pressure from the mainstream media and failed to implement all of the recommendations from the inquiry […]


I’m absolutely against the badger cull and it is Labour policy to put an end to this slaughter. As confirmed by multiple reports into the issue, the cull is ineffective, cruel and increases the vulnerability of badgers to TB infection by spreading populations. The government needs to take a fact-based approach to this issue and […]


I stand in solidarity with the protesters who are fighting against the erosion of their rights and freedoms. Under pressure from China, the authorities in Hong Kong are doing what they can to intimidate and violently deter its citizens from taking this brave stance. As a country, we have a unique historical responsibility towards Hong Kong and […]


The Syrian Civil war has been on-going now since 2011 and it appears that the Government has lost interest in it as it has fallen of the front pages. This is wrong. The Government is not doing enough. The Syrian situation presents us with a humanitarian crisis and the UK must step up as a […]


The Conservative policy to freeze benefits since 2010 is a shameless cash grab from the less well-off to help fund their cuts for the rich. I agree completely that the Government should immediately scrap this policy and begin raising benefits in line with the cost of living. As the cost of living has risen since […]


We get hundreds of lobbying letters and emails every week, either asking for my support on a specific campaign, or asking for my opinion.  In the period from early October 2018, nearly half our lobbying mailbox has been about Brexit/Second Referendum. Another 20% has been asking me to support a tax increase ringfenced to support […]


When Sadiq Khan took office as Mayor of London in May 2016, his first job was to go through the outgoing Mayor’s Inbox. Among other horrors was an unpublished report on air pollution near primary schools in London, and RBKC came very high on the list of most affected areas. The combination of the Westway, […]


I was proud to support the amendment that would enshrine animal sentience in law post-Brexit. However, I was deeply disappointed with the Government’s painful decision to vote against and overlook animal welfare as part of our terms for leaving the EU. This was simply unnecessary, and yet another example of Theresa May ignoring the views […]


As a longstanding supporter of the ban on neonicotinoids, I welcomed the Government’s announcement that the UK will support such a ban within the EU.  This change of policy was long overdue. Campaigners in Kensington and throughout the country had been calling for the UK to take a stand against environmentally damaging and bee-killing chemicals […]