The time has come for the government to clarify its position on access to EU and European Commission funding after Brexit. We cannot stand by while the potential loss of such resources, long-term scientific collaborations with partners across the continent has to be renegotiated and secured. This simply cannot progress until the scientific community has […]


While I hope and am working for a way to remain in the European Union, we must plan for every scenario. As the Brexit negotiations proceed, I will never accept any less than the protections and rights that we already have. My 2017 General Election manifesto was clear, and I haven’t changed my mind. We […]

NHS funding via taxes

I fully support using taxes to rescue the NHS from financial crisis. As it stands, the UK spends a lower proportion of our GDP on health compared with our European neighbours such as France and Germany, and indeed lower than the EU average. This has resulted in a health crisis where with fewer doctors, beds […]

AMAZON tax avoidance

Despite recording a profit of over 72 million, Amazon paid only 1.7 million in taxes – just over 2 per cent, which it was allowed to do through the share awards system. It is indeed a travesty that the law permits companies like Amazon to avoid paying their fair share of taxes so blatantly. Unfortunately, […]