Policy Positions


I stand in solidarity with the protesters who are fighting against the erosion of their rights and freedoms.

Under pressure from China, the authorities in Hong Kong are doing what they can to intimidate and violently deter its citizens from taking this brave stance. As a country, we have a unique historical responsibility towards Hong Kong and we must stand up firmly for human rights, freedom of expression and democratisation.

Hong Kong is at a tipping point. The stakes are very high for China, the Hong Kong Regime and the people of Hong Kong. It is not currently clear how far the regime is willing to go to repress the protests.

This is a historical moment of human expression from the people of Hong Kong who have taken a stand and decided to stand for the same values that our government claims to stand for.

At this decisive moment, our new Prime Minister and his Government must defend Hong Kong’s freedom in the strongest possible terms. International pressure could make all the difference. China & the regime in Hong Kong need to know the world is watching.

I will use my position in Parliament to continue pressing on the Government to do the right thing.