Policy Positions


The actions of papers like the S*n show that not enough is being done to prevent powerful media organisations from so-called ‘victim journalism’ – harassing individuals and invading their privacy.

Following the phone-hacking scandal, the government caved in to pressure from the mainstream media and failed to implement all of the recommendations from the inquiry that followed. That was a mistake and betrayal of the victims of that scandal.

The majority of our media coverage in the UK comes from a few powerful companies and it is right that these companies should require regulation, independent of the government, to ensure that free speech is protected, and the public is safeguarded from intrusive behaviour.

I also believe that we have a personal responsibility not to support organisations that behave in this manner. That is why I boycott racist papers like the S*n who stir up division and hatred in our country.

Given the opportunity, I will certainly raise this matter in parliament.